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Nakhaleh Carpets & Rugs was born in late 70’s from the womb of Al-Nakhaleh Company for trade and agency, which was established in 1977 by the two brothers Hassan and Jamal Nakhaleh.
Mr. Jamal Nakhaleh took on his shoulders the task of developing the newly born NAKHALEH CARPETS. He also gained many European companies as a representative in Jordan.

Nakhaleh Carpets executed many tremendous projects and furnished the most precious and suitable carpets for a very pronoun rewarded sites and holy places, Nakhaleh Carpets had the honor to supply and install carpets to AL-Aqsa Mosque dome during the reign of his majesty King Hussien of Jordan. In 2003 Nakhaleh Carpets supplied and installed Al-Hussien Mosque in Al-Hussein Gardens in Amman.

Nakhaleh Carpets supplied the Carpets for Jordan parliament. and many Hotels projects such as Intercontinental, Grand Hyatt.

Nakhaleh Carpets extended to win projects in the Arabian Gulf and succeeded to supply and install one of the biggest hotels in Dubai, Grand Belle-Vue.We are getting big by name and reputation.

Now the successors are taking over to complete unbreakable ring of giving and prosperity; the sons of Mr. Jamal Nakhaleh, Ahmad and Mohammad Nakhaleh are on track to flare up the name of Nakhaleh Carpets.

Our Slogans

Our slogans remain as they are:


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